The Director of Ivato Theological College in Madagascar since 2012.

I am Rev. RAZAFIARISOA Juliette from Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM). I am married, have two children and two grand children.
I’ve been serving as a parish minister since 1994 to 2002. I was ordained in May 1998. By God’s grace, I had the chance to study Church management and Leadership at Crowther Hall ( England) on 2002-2003 and contextual theology at Tainan Theological College and Seminary (Taiwan) on 2007-2008. I was appointed to be the administrator of Ivato Theological College on 2004 – 2011. Since 2012 till now, I am the Director of Ivato Theological College. My membership at Tsena Malalaka which is a group of African and European Women Theologians opens for me a worldwide relationship with women of different culture.